Sunday, November 25, 2007

Response to "High Tech or What?"

High Tech or What?!

This is in response to Regine's post on an article found on CNN titled "Google at the gas pump . Google maps are now on the gas pumps? WoW! I can not believe it is in color and on a small screen. Well, I can believe it. I will never be able to catch up with technology. It is always evolving. Every time I look around something new is coming out. Motorist are able to print a copy of the directions to local landmarks, hotels, restaurants and hospitals selected by the gas station's owner.
I would have to agree with Regine.
It is a "good device for those of us who like to take road trips and need to make sure we are on the right track".

I can understand why Google has decided to make maps available at the gas stations because it is where most people stop to get directions. Would anyone agree?

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