Friday, November 30, 2007

Online Collaboration and Wiki's

I really enjoyed the readings on collaboration and wiki's. I have done several projects that involve collaboration. When I think of the word collaboration, the assignment we had to complete during the presentation comes to mind. Each member in my group had to work together completing each of the assigned chores.
I was video conferenced in by my wonderful instructor Dr. Z who has been very supportive during my time of recovery. The problem I encountered was the sound. It kept going in and out.
Using google docs, I created my own group and then proceeded to add people to my group instead of adding people to Steve's group. Sarah came over to check on me and told me she would call me on my cell because the sound kept going in and out while using the videoconferencing site mebeam. She explained my task in detail. I then joined Steve's group.
My other task was to invite Sarah and Dr. Z to Steve's group, I became frustrated because I could not find the invite tab anywhere. Steve had to change the settings so I can invite others. I was unaware of this, so I sat at home annoyed thinking I did something wrong, going from page to page looking for the invite tab. I am quite sure Steve was unaware of this because we were all in different locations. Sarah came over to check on me. I told her what the problem was and she immediately came to my rescue. She had to find Steve and ask him to change the settings so I can invite others. She came back to the computer and told me I was able to invite. I did so and continued on with the other task. In the end it worked out really well.
During our break Dr. Z switched videoconferencing applications. We then started Skyping. I really liked Skype because there were no problems with the sound. I felt as if I was right there in class. I even chimed in and answered a question or two. I love technology!


Sarah Dukes said...

Hey Diva, what's going on? Hope you're feeling better. It was very nice to have you still participate in class via videoconference. You know, I think a lot of people ran into the same frustrations you had during class, but overall in most applicaitons, Google Groups could be quite useful. I will be anxious to see how this class activity compares to Yulia and I's presentation on Tuesday. We are using a Group page as well via Facebook as you know. It's nice to have these class activities to "test out" things and draw conclusions on which could be good for us as teachers. Take care, talk to you soon, Sarah Dukes

Regine said...

I agree with the frustration you were feeling and felt that the technology chosen was the main problem. I think this was a trial and error process and it was a good one because it allowed us to see how we and also our group members can work out all of th e kinks to come out with a product we are proud of.

Also the best part for me was when I was messing around on beamme. We should have class like that all the time that was so much fun.... (lol, you should have gotten sick sooner...just joking girl but it's nice to see you are recovering nicely..)

Little inside joke between you and I (hope to see you tonight, thug LOL)